Why You Need Insurance for ENDURO

Opublikowany 30 maj 2020
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0:00 Impossible Hill Climb
1:07 Just a beginning
2:42 Too Much Trottle
4:10 Muddy Makeup
5:17 A long way home
6:56 Edek lututututu
7:32 A longer way home


  • Can we get a round of applause for the four stroke boys

  • This channel is amazing.

  • 2 stroke gang where you at?

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  • Why? Because you don't know how to ride? Duh.

  • Interesting these different styles: - With balancing and engine torque or - With momentum or - BAAAATATATATAAATATATATATA

  • Dobre świry

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  • Hay mate, what’s all of your names, shout out from Australia

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  • How I laughed...well done on hard enduro classic

  • No joke you can get torn up

  • 4 strokes never make it up the hill on this channel

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  • Which actiocam are you used for this impressive video?

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  • This is what these bikes are made for

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  • 9:03 he was on the rev limiter for like 13 seconds; love it

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  • Enduro riders are the worst bike riders in MX 😂😂😂

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  • Where are you from Guys?

  • What language are you speaking?

  • were do they go to ride?

  • You Guy's are rippin' it!

  • Algum brasileiro aqui??

  • You found a company that's willing to insure you?

  • Ale kozaki!

  • Well that’s what Siri see you throw them in the motocross

  • Anyone laugh your ass off at some of these crashes?

  • Super divertido teu vídeo. Aproveita e veja o meu também , plthrow.info/my/wideo/1X-TmpHTz86KlI0.html

  • You guys are good riders and probably a little crazy too. I grew up riding dirt bikes in a gravel pit behind my house. I love the steep hill climbs. It reminds of my old pit. You can tell those hill climbs are steeper than the camera makes them look. A couple of the bikes sound like 125's. Good job keeping up with the big bikes.

  • edek lutututututu zajebiscie :D:D

  • o kurde polacy :o

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  • Haha awesome climb!!!

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  • ja mam pytanie, czy wy jeździcie koło konina?

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  • 5:26 co to za kawałek? dobrze latacie Panowie!

  • What is that 125 husqvarna? It seem weak, definitely can't be a 300

  • Respect from Russia

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  • Plot twists: they are in the red forest

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  • A good bail is always underappreciated. Getting good also means getting use to failure. In this case, less broken bones!

  • 2020 be like: you’re not going outside. World war threes about to come Enduro KeX: HOLD MY VODKA!

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