When Witches Go Riding Dirt Bikes

Opublikowany 30 paź 2019
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Approaching Nirvana:
Mount Olympus (VIP Mix)
Eyes On You
Ross Bugden:


  • A gdzie wy jeździcie?

  • 3:15 your buying me a new bike XD well no it should be "strike" why look here?

  • Тшнншнншншн

  • In the first scene, did the dude really have to leave his bike right on the path?

  • Are all these bikes 250s

  • 5:49 Pięknie👍

  • Cuma dimanfaatkan ibu tiri:(

  • Nice

  • We need an Edek compilation

  • Have you or anyone else blown up a engine.

  • That's why you bring better bikes not acctual good bikes like you can have the same brand but no lovers and an old version would be best

  • Love you Enduro kex

  • That shit busin

  • You are amazing guys.....👍👍👍👌👌👌

  • plthrow.info/my/wideo/q4yjo2edp75rlqs.html афигеть ролик

  • You need you post a just Edek vido

  • I no I'm late watching this I loved every minute of it.cant wait to get the old girl out 98 yz wr 250 out and turn some petrol into blue smoke and NOISE lock down sucks🔒😜👍👍

  • 6:04 jak traktorem. Kocham 4t

  • Svaka čast

  • edek, now tututututu lol that's realy funny

  • Трайк

  • seguitemi

  • Hobi kuhh😊

  • Top demais kkk gt

  • Whats edek bike and pipe setup?

  • 666 dislikes

  • please fail video

  • Te nagrania są z polski

  • 3:56 hahahahaha love 😅

  • To jest sztoss ale zabić się można na tym hard enduro

  • Fajne odcinki do oglądania

  • oddai

  • Auuchhh 😬😬😈🚀

  • plthrow.info/my/wideo/ynpliWa6q5qwfIE.html

  • 1:10 song name pls

  • przchuje z was :D

  • Ten śmiech

  • ахуенно топчик

  • can i get a shout out pls!!!!!!

  • 2:50 tuff luck can’t get away from that rooster tail

  • Whats a good bike for a 16 year old

  • You guys throw your bikes a lot hey? The trick is, is too stay on them.

  • U are the best

  • Ć ž

  • 7:20 a thumbnail :)

  • I bardzo fajne

  • Wow to było bardzo imponujące

  • QQ QqAaA1 m

  • Theres no intro or anything. It just starts with a guy sitting on a motorcycle and riding up the hill. SICK!!

  • 7:16 thumbnail thank me later

  • Gdzie takie super warunki?

  • 1:20 that back flip

  • 8:04 I thought we were about to see someone come flying off the top of that cliff face full throttle

  • G

  • 10kolizja 10firma 4opinie

  • Wow very nice video last minutes is so amazing

  • Lol i wanna ride with u guys..yall dgaf

  • Edek nglimit ngaceng

  • nice i make a video enduro with ktm exc 400 and I share in my chanel

  • nice i make a video enduro with ktm exc 400 and I share in my chanel

  • 08:42 za to Was już kocham, jak mi się gęba uśmiechnęła! i ta muzyka nagle, mega!

  • 7:58 I died

  • Sender ist jetzt Berühmt. 04:17

  • I don't think I would ever buy one of your groups bike used.

  • Selling bike on Craigslist: lightly ridden

  • Whats your camera for recording man? :D

  • 6:13 zamach 😂😂

  • I've been waiting for Edek The King of Throttle for 8 minutes, need MORE EDEK

  • You guys are my inspiration ❤️

  • бляяя пацаны вы безумные :) оч интересно было посмотреть :)

  • Is the best

  • w jaki woj są takie skarpy ?

  • Buy me a Beta 200rr and I’ll join ya lol.

  • How do you guys flip your bikes over so much? No clutch levers? Never seen that before doing hill climbs. Guess Europeans do it different.

  • dawaj więcej z edekiem ;)

  • 10:26😂

  • You guys are amazing come to Australia would love to ride with you across the Aussie Bush !

  • Belarus online )))

  • Me: is that bike new? Enduro: mmhhh ye I sometimes started it to impress my friends but i never rided it Bike: ffs liar you crossed with me until you sunc with ur neck in the blub and u used me for 1 year 24/7 and u never cleaned me and you bumbed me into a wall off sand idiot❤️

  • Nice video . I invite you to my channel😉

  • Whats the name of the song at 1:18

  • ☝️☝️☝️👊👊

  • Te 4t to 250 ?

  • Panowie użytkował ktoś z was EXC-f 350? Jak on się sprawuje? Mocy nie za mało ?

  • Pięknie jest was oglądać 4 lata temu jak i teraz ;)

  • Yooooo what will it take for me to f!ck the hill up with y’all I want to go where ever y’all are!! 🔥 🔥

  • Hi can you make new video pls I'd really love watching your vids and tbh I miss you hope you can make new video pls pls

  • I wish these guys would post more love these vids

  • kiedy nowy odcinek :D

  • Love you guys, keep it up

  • @Enduro kex ty jesteś z województwa świętokrzyskiego?

  • you need to upload more dude!

  • I wish I had money to treat my bike like that 😭🥺

  • Fajny film zapraszam do mnie

  • Edek: Olej wymieniany co 7mth, tłok co 5mth

  • You hiring?

  • Where is Kiper?

  • Я ебал , нах так в отсечку лупить если ты чувствуешь что он не едет . Наоборот надо небольшие половины ручки газа давать

  • what gorpro do you use?

  • Świetny Kanał!