The Beautiful Pain of Enduro

Opublikowany 12 cze 2016
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INSTA: enduro_kex

Bikes in this episode:
Beta RR300 Racing
KTM EXC 300 (mostly ;))
KTM SX-F 350
Yamaha YZ 250

Some music / sfx by:
Subdaio - Seasons
Josh Woodward - I'm Letting Go
Approaching Nirvana - Ethereal
Buy the song on iTunes:
Preorder Exhilarate: (Immediate DL of Ethereal)
iTunes: (Should go Live soon)
Download Ethereal on Bandcamp:


  • Hj enduro trom Brazil im a like you canal

  • Lmao

  • how daredevils this guys...they dont care the trees which the most dangerous to bump

  • Beta guy its a joke

  • I will

  • You people are nuts - and that's why we love you! Keep up the wild rides.

  • F#@king classic, absolute insane fun at its crazy best, thanks for sharing :)

  • Кто те люди, что дизлайки ставят??? Не нравится - идите мимо!!!

  • wy na dolnym śląsku jeżdzicie?

  • What beautiful forests you have, my forest has evil weeds also known as devils club

  • Lol

  • l wood like to go riding with them

  • 1:30 aaaj jaj jaaajjj .... ałłuuaaaa... chuj z tym drzewem. Kolega cały?

  • WbzW8o00

  • Its the best feeling ever when you get through a crash and nothing broke

  • Eked

  • P

  • no respect for your bike

  • Cßß

  • I can't wait till the yamaha YZ300X TREME hits the market , electric start and larger fuel tank is going to be awesome , a lot of hard enduro guys will be ditching there ktm's for it , I'll be definitely jumping on one 🇦🇺🤙


  • My sponsors fmf, ktm, and Thor.

  • Even I could make it up the first Hill clim.On my 85 ktm 2018


  • why do u demage nature?????

  • Wish I was young enough (and rich enough) to bounce off things like these guys.

  • Ha ha to było....

  • I can watch this for hours


  • That dude with The yz250 is goatee

  • 😂😂😂🇧🇦🇧🇦💪💪💪

  • What size beta?

  • lol theres always some guy laying on the ground somewhere... enjoy the vids

  • kurwaaaaa

  • In Russia dirtbike rides you!

  • You guys really know how to fuck things up by not staying on trails. That's how riding areas get shut down.

  • This is awesome. We need more videos like this. Keep it up and stay safe out there boys.

  • How idiot peopel 😣👌

  • I love these kinda vids🔥🔥🔥

  • Anybody in the world: do you know what enduro is? Me: 2 StRokE KTMs 2 StrOKe KTMs 2 sTROke KTMs!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great video, I laughed pretty hard.

  • One of the best enduro channels on PLthrow without a doubt!!

  • Fajna grupa! Nice video ;)

  • Best enduro video by miles. Kurwa🤣you guys rock! Kurwa!


  • Pretty hard core! You guys must have a deal going on spare parts.

  • All i can hear in first clip is kurwaa kurwaa

  • Creyzy bike curva do pice

  • topzera brother tmj show

  • Best enduro vid channel 👍🏽

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  • a zajebal w te drzewo

  • These dudes got more subs than querly.. damn

  • Very good video!!!

  • Lol oh man he took that tree hard fun to watch 🤪

  • Świetny 😁 co to za tereny? Wygląda znajomo.

  • Za mało ku**a ...patusy:/

  • good!

  • When the dirt bike went down The 2 time I was singing Suicide by ynw

  • Does anyone watch that speaks English not to be mean

  • You guys got ballz Cool video

  • are these all 450s?

  • You guys make crashing look fun

  • whats the song at 3:50?

  • Oh look grandmas on dirt bikes 😆

  • The forests use to be full of trees as big as that log. Good to see it put to use. Thats old growth.

  • Kurva Bljad

  • This channel is LIT! Full send...All BRAAAP!

  • о оо курвяки умеют прыгать?

  • CEO of kurwa then turning off his friends bike

  • This is how i ride to school on my Crf230f

  • I can't believe I just found this awesome shiaaaaaaaat .My backyard is very much like that.

  • Il faut être complètement Con ou Abrutis pour bousiller sa moto de la sorte....

  • Rather than having a bunch of words riddled with asterisks, maybe translate it to something else.

  • Я один здесь русский?

  • “Slightly used”

  • It is very well to sit on the seat and put your pecker in the fuel tank. I found it better to stand rigidly erect, leaning so far over the front wheel I would know when the front wheel left the ground when the steering head hit my belt buckle.

  • Muito bravos!!!

  • 1.29 😂🤣✌️🌳

  • Blipoe

  • Fajnie ze Polska

  • Ich bestelle mir halt ein mörtsch

  • ja perdole kurwa

  • I fron Brazil, and you?

  • dobre swiry :)))

  • Polskie najlepsze xD

  • Lots of bike chuckers, Its like a bad habit, Hard to stop once you start doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Never Been Raced !

  • Every video that contains KURWA is a good video

  • do you now the best place to get 2 strock scid plats

  • 6:07 Song name?

  • I like like that pushes my skills to a level that would be considered sane. I still sometimes crash. You guys are completely out of your minds. The parts of your brain that tell you something isnt a good idea are broken, they are completely missing. It's a blast to watch.

  • Ahah god

  • Поляки?


  • Naogladalem sie jade na motor I pierdo…….eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.Dzienki

  • To jest zgrana ekipa.Pozdrawiad dobrych wariatow. Ogien (Jak ty skaczesz?)

  • you lose traction every 5 meters ... why not learn to ride before making videos ? ... for less pain and more fun ...

  • jedźcie na Hill Climb Andler - Schönberg, rozwalicie to na czym jeździcie raz i porządnie i będzie spokój, żal patrzeć na wasze katy